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The purl two to­gether stitch (p2­tog) is used to com­bine two stitches on a purl row, de­creas­ing one stitch each time you use it. From the purl side of the work it leans left, so when viewed from the right (knit) side in stock­ing stitch it will lean right, and look like you’ve made a k2­tog stitch on the knit side of the work. 1 With your yarn held at the front of the work, insert your right-hand nee­dle into the next two stitches purl­wise, from right to left. 2 Wrap the yarn around the front of both stitches anti-clock­wise, and push the new loop to the back. 3 Drop the two old stitches off the left-hand nee­dle and you will be left with a sin­gle stitch on your right-hand nee­dle. You’ve de­creased one stitch.

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