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For a bet­ter fit mea­sure the length of your foot and knit un­til this sec­tion mea­sures ap­prox­i­mately 9-10cm (3.5-4in) shorter than your foot length.

Knit­ting the toe Round 1 (de­crease round): *K1, ssk, ( 18: 20), k2­tog, k1, pm; re­peat from * once more. 40 ( 44: 48) sts. Round 2: Knit. Cont as set, de­creas­ing one st af­ter and one st be­fore each marker. For ex­am­ple, on the next dec row you will work: [K1, ssk, k14 ( 16: 18), k2­tog, k1, slm] twice, to de­crease 4 sts across the round. Re­peat th­ese two rounds three more times. 28 ( 32: 36) stitches re­main­ing. Now work the de­crease round on ev­ery round 3 ( 4: 5) times. 16 stitches rem. Place front and back toe stitches on two par­al­lel nee­dles and graft them to­gether us­ing the Kitch­ener stitch tu­to­rial on the fol­low­ing page.

MAKE HEEL See pic­tures below. 1 Firstly go back to your



place­ment and ex­am­ine the stitches – each knit stitch is eas­ily recog­nised by its tell-tale ‘V’ shape. 2 Us­ing a dou­ble-pointed nee­dle, care­fully pick up the right leg of each stitch along the round just un­der the con­trast­ing yarn row. 3 Turn the sock around and re­peat step across the other side of the con­trast­ing yarn row, again pick­ing up each right leg of each stitch just below the con­trast­ing yarn. 4 Us­ing a tapestry nee­dle care­fully un­pick each stitch of the waste yarn pulling it out, un­til you are left with live stitches on two par­al­lel nee­dles and a gap­ing hole in be­tween. 5 Re­dis­tribute th­ese stitches over four nee­dles, 11 ( 12: 13) sts on each nee­dle. Join yarn at the right side of the heel. Round 1: *Pick up and knit one st into the gap be­fore nee­dle 1, knit across nee­dle 1 sts, knit across nee­dle 2 sts, pick up and knit one st into the gap af­ter nee­dle 2; re­peat from *across nee­dles 3 and 4. 12 ( 13: 14) sts on each nee­dle. Knit 2 ( 3: 4) rounds.

this Use four nee­dles to hold stitches in equal num­bers while you knit with the fifth Disc at over knit- more toda help y. com


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