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JOHN LENE­HAN de­vises a route through quar­ried hill­sides to find open moors and stun­ning views

Look­ing from the A679 near the junc­tion of the A56, the craggy face of Hamel­don Scouts seems par­tic­u­larly dra­matic. It ap­pears to be one con­tin­u­ous ver­ti­cal cliff and not a place to venture but when viewed close up it can be breached.

It is ac­tu­ally a se­ries of quar­ried faces carved out of the steep sided north­ern flank of Great Hamel­don that rises to 1343ft (409 me­tres) above Ac­cring­ton. I worked out a route that took in both and en­joyed a fan­tas­tic high level walk with open moor and stun­ning views.

1Leave the car park and turn left to­wards Ac­cring­ton and then turn left into Hamel­don Road and follow this up­hill. Ig­nore the first set of foot­path signs that point left and right away from the road and keep on un­til a sign say­ing Bar­ley Heights.on the left and op­po­site on the right is a metal gate with a gate stile. Cross the stile and keep straight on with a wall on the right un­til a small path ap­pears on the left heading straight up to Ham­le­don Scouts. Take the path and follow it pass­ing some derelict build­ings on the right and even­tu­ally the path joins a track that passes two

steel posts. Ig­nore the path that leads left and carry on steeply up to­wards the Scouts. The track joins another track going left and right with a hol­low in front.

Note: The derelict building on the right of the path and ahead fur­ther over right is a strange long-sided struc­ture. These are the re­mains of an army ri­fle range.

2Turn left and al­most im­me­di­ately take a small path right leading up­hill then keep on the path as it bears left then climbs very steeply be­fore turning right by a pile of stones (built as a guide) and

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