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Some plants will add a splash of colour dur­ing

the cold months and help the lo­cal wildlife

clear­ing, lay the clumps next to the pond once you’ve re­moved them, just for a day, to al­low any wildlife to es­cape back to the wa­ter.

The birds in your garden will need a help­ing hand over win­ter. Your bird bath is an im­por­tant source of drink­ing wa­ter so make sure it’s topped up and ice-free. Birds need ex­tra en­ergy to sur­vive so a cou­ple of peanut feed­ers will really help.

If you have a bird ta­ble, keep it well stocked. You can buy ready-made win­ter seed mixes and bird food or just use what you have: bread crumbs, grated cheese, oat­meal, apples and other soft fruit from your garden. The greater va­ri­ety, the greater the va­ri­ety of birds who will visit.

You can, of course, plant your own bird food! Plants like co­toneaster, holly, honey­suckle and hawthorn – all pro­vide berries and, on­line, you’ll find other sugges­tions which might be more suit­able for your garden.

As well as help­ing the wildlife, ber­ried plants also add a splash of colour. My favourite is Skim­mia, par­tic­u­larly ‘Rubella’ and Skim­mia reevesiana.

ABOVE: Skim­mia reevesiana is one of Will’s favourites

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