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Marie Mur­ray Grandma’s house is scary

Not very nice at all. There’s an oo­ja­maflip in

her kitchen

And a wot­sit in her hall. There’s a dooda on the land­ing

And a thingummy

un­der the bed. At least, that’s what

grandma said. Mummy says I’m silly

That it’s just grandma’s way Of say­ing things she can’t


“So run along and play”. But I think mummy’s


So I won’t get in their way. When I go grand­mas

I say a lit­tle prayer That the oo­ja­maflip,

won’t get me

And the wot­sit won’t

be there.

I don’t go up the stair­case In case the dooda is about And I won’t go near

the bed­room In case the thingummy

jumps out.

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