Each month Adam Jacot de Boinod, au­thor of The Mean­ing of Tingo and the iphone App Tingo on in­ter­est­ing words, poses a vo­cab­u­lary quiz from our lo­cal di­alect. Can you guess the cor­rect def­i­ni­tion from the fol­low­ing:

Lancashire Life - - FEEDBACK -

1 A B

Clocks pim­ples or­na­ments woven into a stock­ing

small worth­less apples re­main­ing on the tree af­ter the crop has been gathered in

C2 A B

Swailor a sales­man a whole­sale corn or pro­vi­sion dealer a man em­ployed to move canal boats through tun­nels by walking on the roof or sides of the tun­nel

C3 A B C

Codger a bore a fool, an id­iot a quaint or ec­cen­tric char­ac­ter

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