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The hair fill­ing is teased out and stuffed un­der the bri­dle ties by hand. There should be a com­pact, even cov­er­age with no lumps. Cot­ton skin wad­ding is used to stop the hair pok­ing through the seat cover and to add com­fort to the seat. It is aligned with the edges of the cal­ico, then trimmed to within a few mil­lime­tres of the edge of the cal­ico and the tacks. The wad­ding is po­si­tioned but not se­cured at this stage. Care is taken as this stage serves to com­press the hair. It should be pulled evenly on each side to cre­ate a pad of even height and shape. The cal­ico is stretched over the hair and tem­po­rar­ily se­cured with 10mm fine tacks on each side. Start­ing at the back, the fabric is then pulled tighter and lightly tacked. Us­ing the heel of the hand, the hair un­der the cal­ico is smoothed and worked out­wards from the cen­tre, to­wards the back edge, as the cal­ico is fur­ther tight­ened and stretched. Once the back edge is tacked, the stretch­ing and tack­ing process is re­peated along the front edge. It is essential that no hair es­capes at this point. The sides are then fin­ished in the same man­ner. Once the sur­face is smooth and even, the tacks are se­cured and more added, where nec­es­sary, at 3cm in­ter­vals all the way round. The cor­ners need slightly more at­ten­tion and must be tacked down well into the cor­ner re­bates. The ex­cess cal­ico is then trimmed us­ing the shears.

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