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Like other night-flying moths, ele­phant hawk­moths are at­tracted to light, which en­ables sci­en­tists and nat­u­ral­ists to catch them us­ing moth traps. These work on the prin­ci­ple that noc­tur­nal moths use the moon to nav­i­gate, keep­ing it at a par­tic­u­lar an­gle to their body as they fly. Be­cause the ar­ti­fi­cial light of the moth trap is so much closer than the very dis­tant moon, the moths fly in ever-de­creas­ing cir­cles un­til they reach the light. They then as­sume it is day­break, and so seek shel­ter in­side the trap, usu­ally hid­ing be­neath card­board egg boxes put there for that very pur­pose.

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