a wise old owl

sim­ple squares knit­ted in warm tones of yarn are used to cre­ate this win­some lit­tle bird

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Knit­ted in ba­sic stitches to form sim­ple square shapes, this stout lit­tle owl sums up the com­fort of au­tumn. Yarn in sea­sonal hues of rus­set and brown is used for his body and un­pol­ished but­tons for his hyp­notic eyes, giv­ing the char­ac­ter­ful bird a rus­tic ap­peal. His feet are made of cro­cheted loops, so he can perch on a shelf adding a cheery face among the books. • 1 x 50g ball Rowan Soft Yak DK Pam­pas #285 (main colour) • 1 x 50g ball Rowan Soft Yak DK Sa­van­nah #234 (con­trast colour) • Small amount DK yel­low yarn for beak • Pair of 3.25mm knit­ting nee­dles • 3.5mm cro­chet hook • 2 x 30mm di­am­e­ter but­tons • 2 x 15mm di­am­e­ter but­tons (these are op­tional and can be added to the front of the larger but­tons) • Sewing nee­dle suit­able for the but­tons • Blunt tapestry nee­dle • Small hand­ful of toy stuff­ing

Fin­ished size

12cm x 12cm


Ap­prox­i­mately 22 stitches x 28 rows over 10cm in garter stitch

Owl Body (make 2)

Cast on 30 stitches on size 3.25mm nee­dles in main colour. Be­gin knit­ting in garter stitch (knit each row). When knit­ting mea­sures 7cm, cut work­ing yarn, leav­ing 12cm for weav­ing in end. Join con­trast colour for head sec­tion. Next row: knit Next row: purl Work these two rows (stock­ing stitch) un­til the to­tal length of knit­ting mea­sures 10cm or is a square shape. Cast off.

Wings and beak

Wings: cast on 10 stitches in main colour. Knit in garter stitch (knit all stitches) un­til a square is made, ap­prox­i­mately 2.5cm. Make a sec­ond iden­ti­cal square. Make a third square in yel­low for the beak, the same size as above.


With a 3.5mm cro­chet hook, cro­chet 7 chains, fas­ten off then cut yarn leav­ing 15cm spare tail end. Thread the fas­ten­ing-off spare yarn back through the chain so there will be two strands of yarn emerg­ing from one end of the chain. Make 5 more the same (6 in to­tal). Group the chains into two sets of three to form 3 claws on each foot. For each set, wrap the tail ends of yarn around the end of the chains and se­cure, leav­ing enough chain show­ing to cre­ate a claw ef­fect. For a sim­pler ver­sion, use six strands of yarn for the feet.

Mak­ing up

Fold the yel­low beak square di­ag­o­nally to form a tri­an­gle shape. Sew the edges neatly. Sew the but­tons and beak onto the head sec­tion of one of the larger squares, as in the pho­to­graph (right). Join the front face square to the back square along the two cast-off edges. Then join along the side seams. Make sev­eral small stitches di­ag­o­nally across the two top cor­ners of the face sec­tion to form the ears. Po­si­tion the two wing squares across the side seams and along the colour change line as in pho­to­graph. Sew into po­si­tion. Fill the re­main­ing cav­ity with toy fill­ing. Sew the base seam one third across. Po­si­tion the feet with claw de­tail to­wards the front along the base seam line. Con­tinue sewing the base seam, se­cur­ing the feet in po­si­tion as the seam is stitched. Weave in the loose ends.

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