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Both sexes of the Lesser Red­poll wear a bright red cap all year round. It is this which gives them their name, from the ar­chaic English for head, par­tic­u­larly the crown or scalp. In his spring breed­ing plumage, the male also de­vel­ops a peachy-red throat and chest. Lesser Red­polls, Car­du­elis cabaret, are mem­bers of the finch fam­ily. Agile birds, they of­ten hang up­side down to feed, toss­ing pale seed husks to the ground. They favour birch seeds and can of­ten be found in young wood­land, where they tend to grow. They will also eat in­sects in the sum­mer and will take niger seeds from a feeder in the gar­den, where they are be­com­ing a more com­mon sight. Lesser Red­poll are so­cia­ble birds, even dur­ing the breed­ing sea­son, and can be heard call­ing to one an­other with a ‘chip-chip-chip-chrrrrrp’.

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