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In Cam­bridge, pun­ters stand on a raised deck, high off the wa­ter. One the­ory is that this was de­vel­oped so that the ladies of Gir­ton, the ear­li­est col­lege for women in the city, could punt with­out get­ting their long skirts wet in the wa­ter. In Ox­ford, pun­ters stand in­side the boat, closer to the wa­ter and nearer to the boat’s cen­tre. They punt with the till for­ward, and the ves­sels have a gen­tly slop­ing prow. In Cam­bridge, the punter stands in the stern. Each side be­lieves that their method is the cor­rect one, but the re­spec­tive po­si­tions are known as the Ox­ford end and the Cam­bridge end.

Punt­ing Ox­ford style, stand­ing nearer the cen­tre rather than on the till, or box, as it is re­ferred to lo­cally.

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