Shin­ing brightly

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Dur­ing au­tumn, as the day­light fades, it be­comes in­creas­ingly im­por­tant to keep lamp­shades in­doors clean, so that light can ra­di­ate out­wards. De­bris which has gath­ered in up­lit shades is vac­u­umed out and a soft cloth used to wipe away dust. A so­lu­tion made of one part fil­tered wa­ter and one part vine­gar is ef­fec­tive on glass and chrome, while fab­ric shades may ben­e­fit from be­ing taken down and washed in a basin of warm wa­ter and laun­dry de­ter­gent, de­pend­ing on the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions. When fin­ished, the rooms of the house are filled with light.

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