Bramley ap­ple and rasp­berry bou­quet

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Serves 12

650g Bramley ap­ples, peeled and cored

150g rasp­ber­ries

500g rich short­crust pas­try (see recipe on first page) juice of ½ le­mon

4 tbsp caster su­gar flour, for dust­ing but­ter, for greas­ing

1 egg

Pre­heat the oven to 200°C/gas mark 6. Slice the ap­ples into a bowl, squeez­ing the le­mon juice over so they do not brown. Sprin­kle with 3 tbsp of the su­gar, and leave to stand un­til needed. On a clean sur­face dusted with flour, cut a third of the pas­try away from the block and roll the re­main­ing out thickly to fit a 20cm greased oven­proof dish. Trim the sides, leaving a lit­tle over­hang­ing to cre­ate a rim. Layer the ap­ple slices inside the pas­try case to the top, then dot the rasp­ber­ries on top of the ap­ples. Make a sten­cil for a large flower, no big­ger than a slice of the ap­ple, and a small flower, no smaller than a rasp­berry, by draw­ing the de­sired shapes on a thin piece of card. Then draw out three dif­fer­ent sizes of leaves. Cut out the shapes and place them on the rolled-out pas­try. Cut around the shapes as closely to the sten­cil as pos­si­ble, to make ap­prox­i­mately 18 flow­ers, some star-shaped, and lots of dif­fer­ent shaped leaves. Draw lines onto the leaves to imi­tate leaf veins, by lightly scor­ing with a sharp knife. To re­move the shapes, use a flat ta­ble knife and trans­fer di­rectly to the top of the pie. Ar­range the shapes around the pie fill­ing and place some around the edge to cre­ate a bor­der. Fi­nally, pinch a 1cm piece of the left­over pas­try, roll be­tween fin­gers and thumbs, and press down to cre­ate a cir­cle. Push onto the mid­dle of a flower, then re­peat with the re­main­ing flow­ers on the pie. In a small bowl, beat the egg and brush the pas­try shapes and bor­der with egg wash. Sprin­kle with the re­main­ing su­gar, then bake for 45 mins un­til golden and the fill­ing is bub­bling.

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