Star place marker

Landscape (UK) - - In The Garden -

A star shape is cut out of a piece of cor­ru­gated card­board and wrapped with thin wire so it is evenly cov­ered. The star is set then alight in a suit­able fire­proof con­tainer out­doors un­til the card­board is com­pletely burned away. The fire is care­fully ex­tin­guished and the star left to cool com­pletely. In the mean­time, a disc is cut from a small branch and a 3in nail ham­mered into it. Once cool, the star is dusted to re­move any ash and pushed onto the nail. Great care should be taken when mak­ing this dec­o­ra­tion. A safe lo­ca­tion, away from com­bustible ma­te­rial, should be cho­sen and the fire must not be left unat­tended.

A pris­tine name card is placed in the crook of a lichen-en­crusted twig.

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