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Step 1: The legs of a pair of jeans are cut off at the thigh and set aside. The cen­tre seam of the seat is cut away.

Step 2: The jeans are turned in­side out and placed flat, with the side seams to­gether so the fly is on the left. To give the fin­ished bag a more pleas­ing shape, some ex­cess ma­te­rial is re­moved. A seam (A) of run­ning stitch is sewn from the bot­tom cut edge to the base of the fly. A sec­ond seam (B) is sewn be­tween the two back pock­ets. The ex­cess ma­te­rial is trimmed off.

Step 3: With the jeans flat, and turned so seams A and B are on op­po­site sides, an­other seam is sewn across the bot­tom edge, leav­ing a ¾in (2cm) seam al­lowance. The denim is then turned the right way out and pressed.

Step 4: A dou­ble thick­ness strip is cut from the in­side of both cut-off legs. The strips should mea­sure ap­prox­i­mately a third of the width of the leg. The re­main­ing larger piece of each leg is dis­carded. Both strips are folded in­side out and a seam is sewn from top to bot­tom leav­ing a ⅓in seam al­lowance. Each strip is turned in­side out and pressed.

Step 5: Each strip is folded in half and a seam sewn close to the edge to seal them to make two sturdy han­dles. One strip is pinned in place and sewn to the in­side of the front waist­band, with each end 3in (8cm) in from the side of the bag. The sec­ond han­dle is sewn onto the in­side of the back of the bag in the same way. A silk scarf is threaded through the belt loops and tied in a knot.

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