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Se­ca­teurs with sharp edges will cut more cleanly and with much less ef­fort. The blades can be sharp­ened eas­ily us­ing a diamond tool, which is a hand-held sharp­ener that usu­ally has a coarse and a fine side. Hold­ing the blade steady, the coarse side of the diamond tool is swept across it in one di­rec­tion, away from the body, us­ing even, gen­tle pres­sure. Shiny metal will be ex­posed as the blade sharp­ens. Only the an­gled side of the blade is sharp­ened. The tip of the blades should not be for­got­ten. The blade is checked fol­low­ing each sweep, and once it is suf­fi­ciently sharp, a smooth fin­ish is ob­tained by run­ning the fine side of the diamond tool across the blade two or three times. Af­ter sharp­en­ing, the edges of the blade should be sealed with oil.

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