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Step 4: Start­ing with the top and bot­tom edges, each edge of the pocket is folded over onto the wrong side by ½in (1.25cm) and pressed firmly. A se­cond fold is made by a fur­ther ½in (1.25cm), to hide the raw edge of the fabric, and pressed for a se­cond time. The edges are then pinned and stitched us­ing run­ning stitch. This is done on all four sides.

Step 5: The pocket is placed right side up at the cen­tre front of the apron, with the bot­tom of the pocket 7½in (19cm) up from the bot­tom edge. It is then pinned and stitched into place at the bot­tom and along the sides us­ing run­ning stitch, leav­ing the top of the pocket open. If the fabric has a pat­tern, care is taken to en­sure this is the de­sired way up be­fore fix­ing the pocket into place.


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