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At the start of the grow­ing sea­son, when the risk of cold dam­age has not en­tirely passed, and the earth is still cold, young seedlings can ben­e­fit from the pro­tec­tion of a cloche. A large up­turned wine glass makes an ex­cel­lent stand-in for smaller plants. This ex­tra level of pro­tec­tion helps warm the soil and has­ten ger­mi­na­tion by up to two weeks. Too much hu­mid­ity can be prob­lem­atic for some plants, how­ever, lead­ing to dis­eases such as botry­tis and downy mildew. To avoid this, the cloche is placed on a slat­ted sur­face so that ven­ti­la­tion can be pro­vided from be­low. It can also be raised and bal­anced on small stones or a tile which is slightly smaller than the mouth of the glass. As well as help­ing young seedlings to thrive, it can be part of a group dis­play, placed with a tra­di­tional bell cloche and crock­ery planted with hardier seedlings.

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