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At­tach­ing a copy of the tem­plates to the pa­per with re­mov­able tape will en­sure the neat­est fin­ish. For clean cuts, it is im­por­tant that the scalpel blade is sharp, and the workspace should be large enough to ac­com­mo­date move­ment. The scalpel is held like a pen, keep­ing the blade at a 45 de­gree an­gle, and cuts made to­wards the body, hold­ing the pa­per with the free hand. This is safer and gives more con­trol. Cut­ting against the metal ruler will create straight lines, and it is eas­ier to cut away from cor­ners rather than into them. It is best to start with the more de­tailed parts of the de­sign, work­ing up to the big­ger shapes. Any small mis­takes made dur­ing cut­ting can be rec­ti­fied with sticky tape ap­plied to the back of the pa­per. Run­ning the bone folder along the pa­per with an even pres­sure will create a sharp crease. The pa­per can then be care­fully folded along the crease, pinch­ing it down the cen­tre with the fin­gers and flat­ten­ing along the edges. Pa­per which is up to 150gsm is suit­able for use as any­thing higher would be con­sid­ered card.

3. Step 3: Cut out the grey pa­per us­ing the tem­plate on the pre­vi­ous page, fol­low­ing the light grey out­lines. Then cut out the pink pa­per us­ing the tem­plate to the right. Note that some of the cuts are just cut lines rather than fully cut-out shapes.

4. Step 4: Each of the half-cut leaves on the grey pa­per are gently folded back on them­selves, then flat­tened us­ing the bone folder.

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