“Hav­ing hear­ing aids has to­tally changed my life”

“I could hear prop­erly for the first time since I was a teenager. It was over­whelm­ing.”

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Mike Davies will never for­get the first time he used his hear­ing aids. Mike has strug­gled with his hear­ing for most of his life but all that changed when he got in touch with Am­pli­fon. Be­liev­ing he would have to con­tinue to live with deaf­ness in one ear, he was amazed by what hap­pened when he was fit­ted for his hear­ing aids.

“It was in­cred­i­ble,” says Mike. “Ev­ery­thing was there and crys­tal clear: voices, bird­song, traf­fic noise – sounds I hadn’t been able to hear since I was in my teens. The me­mory of it still over­whelms me. “The first words I spoke af­ter I’d had the hear­ing aids fit­ted were ‘you’re not hav­ing these back, I’m keep­ing them’, be­cause it was life chang­ing. Go­ing to Am­pli­fon was prob­a­bly the best thing I’ve ever done.”

“For the first time in decades I can hear the birds sing and the wind blow through the trees”

Af­ter sev­eral op­er­a­tions in his younger years, he was told the hear­ing had com­pletely gone from his right ear, a sit­u­a­tion he had lived with for 25 years be­fore seek­ing Am­pli­fon’s help. “I’d strug­gle when I went to the pub with friends, and al­ways felt like I wasn’t part of the con­ver­sa­tion be­cause I kept miss­ing out on jokes,” says Mike. “My wife, Lin, had to be my ears, even when we were talk­ing she’d have to do two lots of lis­ten­ing to make sure I heard it all cor­rectly. “My young grand­daugh­ter was bril­liant. She knew I couldn’t hear well and she’d grab my face and turn my left ear to her mouth when she wanted to tell me some­thing. “My right ear was com­pletely dead and I had an aid in the other, and that does af­fect every­body be­cause they all have to make al­lowances for you. “It got more frus­trat­ing and I didn’t want to ac­cept that I might spend the rest of my life in a world that was becoming in­creas­ingly silent. That’s when I de­cided to go to Am­pli­fon.” When test­ing con­firmed what he knew about his right ear, Mike’s Au­di­ol­o­gist rec­om­mended the BiCROS sys­tem, where a hear­ing aid in the left ear re­lays the sound to a trans­mit­ter in the right ear.

“It was the only real chance I had of hear­ing from my right ear again, so I said let’s go for it.” Since then, the dif­fer­ence has been lifechang­ing for Mike and his fam­ily. “I was look­ing at an old wed­ding video and I could see that I kept touch­ing my hear­ing aid and try­ing to ad­just it, and I don’t do that any­more,” he says.

“Go­ing to Am­pli­fon was prob­a­bly the best thing I’ve ever done.”

For Mike, hear­ing well again has quickly be­come se­cond na­ture: “The day af­ter I had the hear­ing aids fit­ted we went out for din­ner. The ho­tel man­ager came over to talk to us and the cou­ple at the ta­ble be­hind. When he walked away Lin looked at me in shock. ‘You’ve just had a three way con­ver­sa­tion’, she said. The ef­fect of the hear­ing aids was stag­ger­ing: a cou­ple of days ear­lier the con­ver­sa­tion just wouldn’t have been pos­si­ble.” Mike says he can’t be­lieve how long he’d strug­gled with his hear­ing, and has found new en­joy­ment in sit­ting and re­lax­ing in his garden. “I’ve al­ways liked sit­ting out in the garden, but now I can ap­pre­ci­ate it more than ever be­cause for the first time in decades I can hear the birds sing and the wind blow through the trees. “Our wa­ter fea­ture was silent, but now it’s just the most beau­ti­ful mu­si­cal ac­com­pa­ni­ment to my day. “Seek­ing help with my hear­ing re­ally has helped me re­gain my qual­ity of life, and I’m so grate­ful.

It’s never too late and I’d en­cour­age any­one to go and see Am­pli­fon if they’re con­cerned about hear­ing loss.

“If just one per­son reads this, books an ap­point­ment with Am­pli­fon and re­gains their qual­ity of life, it will all have been worth­while. Go and see them. It’s never too late.”

Mike Davis, Am­pli­fon cus­tomer

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