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Adornments with humble string

Tucked at the back of a drawer, an ordinary ball of string can be transforme­d into attractive and useful adornments


FOR THOUSANDS OF years, the simplicity and strength of the humble ball of string has proved invaluable for holding things together by knotting or binding.

Made from cotton, jute or hemp and comprising multiple strands of fibre twisted together, its texture can vary from soft and pliable to rough and durable.

Ideal for wrapping parcels or presents, string can also be put to use in less practical ways. When knitted, it makes a tight decorative fabric with a natural effect and can be crafted to make a variety of different embellishm­ents.

These simple to follow and quick to complete ideas are perfect for whiling away hours spent indoors during the last days of winter and will prove both pretty and useful in the home or make charming gifts for friends and family.

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