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A pool of warm, ambient light emanates from a bedside lamp, the conical shade creating an arc to illuminate the room in a softer glow. The wider brim of the shade allows the rays to spread from the top and bottom of the lamp, resulting in a pattern of light and shadow. Choosing certain designs will disperse the light differentl­y. For instance, a bell lampshade made from an elegant skirt-shaped cone, with a curved brim, allows the light to pool downwards, whereas a square lampshade creates more angular patterns of light. Specific rooms in the home also require different types of lighting; the bedroom often benefits from a softer light, with lamps to brighten dark corners, which is useful for reading without disturbing others. More utilitaria­n rooms, such as the kitchen or dining area, require brighter lighting to illuminate the whole space, which is ideal for food preparatio­n or to converse at mealtimes. For these rooms, floor lamps or ceiling lights are preferable.

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