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- ▯ Photograph­y: Richard Faulks


• Cotton parcel string

• Scissors

• Split rings

• Assorted beads with a hole large enough for 2 strands of string.

• 4in (10cm) length of wire

Only simple knots are needed to create a decorative and practical accessory. This technique can also be used to make longer lengths of macramé, which can be used as a light pull or curtain tie-backs. To make a flat key ring, two 50in (127cm) lengths of string are cut and folded in half. The folded ends are passed through a split ring and the loose ends pulled through the loop to secure. A series of square knots are tied (see panel). Beads can be added at any point by folding a piece of wire in half and using it to pull the two central pieces of string through the hole in the bead. Wire is ideal because it is thinner and easier to use than a needle. Pulling through one strand at a time can also help. To make a spiral key ring, steps one and two only of the square knot process are repeated, resulting in the outer strands gradually spiralling around the two central strands. Once the desired length is achieved, all four strands are knotted together and pulled tight. The ends are trimmed to leave a tassel at the bottom.

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