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Feathers of string are simply made using the most basic of knots. Embellishe­d with a single bead and hung from a shiny twig, they make a striking wall hanging. To make a feather, a 28in (71cm) length of string is folded in half and placed on a flat surface with the loop at the top. Starting 2in (5cm) down from the top, 5in (13cm) lengths of string are cut and knotted around the longer lengths with a single knot. This is repeated all the way down the longer string, pushing the knots together firmly to create a strong spine down the centre of the feather, stopping 2in (5cm) from the bottom. The feather is then trimmed to the desired shape. For added texture, the strands of the feather can be untwisted to separate the fibres and brushed to create a fluffy finish. This is particular­ly effective with hairy string.

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