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Baked Cornish mackerel in a Limongino and chive glaze


Serves 2

1 chicken or vegetable stock cube

1 tbsp finely chopped fresh chives

1 tbsp English Spirit Limongino

3 tbsp olive oil

1 whole mackerel

1 iceberg lettuce, cut into 1cm strips

sunflower oil, to drizzle

1 tbsp pine nuts

150g new potatoes

1 tsp honey

1 tsp soy sauce

1 tsp Dijon mustard

1 tsp apple cider vinegar 1 tsp English Spirit Cucumber Spirit salt chopped flat-leaf parsley, to garnish clementine or orange zest, to sprinkle

Preheat the oven to 210°C/190°C fan/gas mark 7. In a bowl, combine the stock cube, chives, Limongino and 1 tbsp of the olive oil until a thick paste. Make four deep cuts into each side of the fish, then rub the paste over the fish and into the cuts. Bake for 25-28 mins, covered with foil for the first 15 mins, then set aside covered to keep warm.

Turn the oven to 240°C/220°C/gas mark 9. In a bowl, place the iceberg lettuce strips and drizzle with the sunflower oil and add a pinch of salt. Add the pine nuts, and toss to combine. Place on a tray in the oven for 8-9 mins until crispy.

In the meantime, place the new potatoes in a saucepan and cover with salted water. Boil until tender. Drain the potatoes, then refresh in cold water. Drain again. To make the potato dressing, combine the honey, soy sauce, mustard, apple cider vinegar, Cucumber Spirit and the remaining olive oil in a bowl. Pour over the potatoes until fully coated, then garnish with the parsley. Separate onto 2 plates. Cut the mackerel in half lengthways and add to each plate. Sprinkle with the zest to taste, then add the crispy lettuce. Serve immediatel­y.

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