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Roses have multiple leaflets making up one larger leaf. This is how to put one of these leaf sprigs together:

1. Gather the required leaflets you have made following the instructio­ns in the panel opposite and any instructio­ns in the flower panel too. Take the main leaf at the end of the sprig first. Cut a 5mm (0.2in) strip of the required crêpe paper stated in the flower instructio­ns (this is often the 160g German crêpe in grass green).

2. Stretch out the strip fully and, with a light layer of glue at the end, wrap around at the base of the main leaf. On a 45-degree angle, continue down the wire, wrapping tightly and gently so as not to bend the wire. Turn the leaf stem with your right hand and bring the strip down the wire with your left.

3. Check your flower instructio­ns to see how far down the wire you need to wrap until you need to put the next leaflet in. At this point, stop and ensure the next leaflets’ stems have been bent 45-degrees, so that they will sit flush on the stem on the side of the sprig that they need to be placed on.

4. With a light amount of glue at the top of the wire on the next leaflets, place both leaflets on and next to the strip, so that when the strip is next wound round, it secures the leaflets’ wire snugly at the right place.

5. Continue to wrap around the crêpe strip until the point when you need to place in another leaf. Ensure that you keep the multiple wires as straight as possible.

6. Repeat the placing of the next set of leaflets if needed. Then continue to wrap again until you reach the point where the leaf will join the main stem, as per the flower instructio­ns. At this stage, you can tear the crêpe paper strip just below this point and glue it down.

7. Bend the stems of the sprig 45-degrees downwards, so that they will sit flush on the main stem of the flower. Cut the individual floral wires down in a staggered way, at different points, to reduce bulk on the main stem.

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