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‘COOL JOINTS+ has given me the confidence to walk further’

Juliet Laurie, 63, a retired science teacher from Dorset, loves hill-walking with her husband and walking holidays with friends – it’s her favourite way to stay active and healthy while having fun.


She’s been doing it for years, but it hasn’t always been easy. In her forties, Juliet started to find it increasing­ly difficult to walk the distances she used to do comfortabl­y.

Juliet had heard about various supplement­s and given them a try. ‘But they had done nothing for me,’ she says. Then an advertisem­ent for Cool Joints+ caught her eye.

‘With my science background, I really appreciate­d the science credential­s behind the company and the fact that Cool Joints+ was backed by published studies – so thought I’d give it a try,’ says Julie. ‘I’m so glad I did... I found that I enjoyed my walks so much more and could walk the distances I used to much more comfortabl­y.

‘I have added Cool Joints+ to my daily routine and haven’t looked back. In fact, I recently climbed Ben Nevis – something I would never have contemplat­ed before!’

Cool Joints+ contains a highly absorbable combinatio­n of sunflower lecithin and Boswellia serrata, a natural extract from the Indian frankincen­se tree that can help to keep joints cool and comfortabl­e.

Dr Miriam Ferrer PhD, head of product developmen­t at FutureYou Cambridge, the company that created Cool Joints+, explains: ‘Boswellic acids are poorly absorbed by the body, so we have combined them with lecithin phospholip­ids which increases absorption by up to four times compared with other standard extracts.’

It’s certainly made all the difference to Juliet: ‘I love to walk on a daily basis and I’ve found that Cool Joints+ has given me the confidence to walk further, going from one mile a day to five miles and then eight or nine or more, which is really fantastic.’

“I have added Cool Joints+ to my daily routine and haven’t looked back.”

* Boswellia serrata RESIN helps to keep joints cool and comfortabl­e [on hold claim ID:4000]

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