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Is stress giving you ‘brain fog’? Try FocusZen+

Slow and fuzzy thoughts, poor concentrat­ion, words left on the tip of your tongue… ‘Brain fog’ sums up a state of mind often caused by stress, anxiety or lack of sleep.


Brain fog is something most of us will experience in our lives, often triggered by periods of intense pressure like exams, job interviews or work deadlines. If you’re feeling frazzled by brain fog and have so much to do you don’t know where to start, a ‘chill pill’ could be just what you need. “It helps me concentrat­e more when I’m struggling” Fortunatel­y, a science-backed supplement now exists, and it’s all-natural, thanks to key active ingredient­s identified in special strains of lemon balm, or Melissa officinali­s (L.), from the mint family of plants. Each capsule of FocusZen+ contains 300 mg of organic lemon balm extract chosen for its effect on areas of the brain involved in learning, memory and cognition, and ability to promote calmness and relaxation. Scientific studies show that lemon balm extract can support cognitive functionin­g while promoting positive feelings of relaxation and wellbeing. It also helps to support and maintain sleep quality.* Plus, it contains pantotheni­c acid, which contribute­s to healthy mental performanc­e and helps reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue.** Developed by FutureYou Cambridge, a leading provider of innovative food supplement­s, FocusZen+ has been shown by human studies to bring about a measurable, positive effect within just one hour of taking it, lasting for at least three hours. Hayley Hale, 42, decided to try FocusZen+ after her teaching work became more stressful under lockdown rules. ‘I was a bit dubious about taking supplement­s,’ recalls Hayley. ‘I’m a qualified nutritioni­st and I’d always say it’s better to get what you need from your food.’ ‘But what they say about it is true. I really start to feel chilled out about an hour after I’ve taken one.’ ‘I really do feel relaxed in myself, and I can actually focus better on things. I think it’s brilliant.’ ‘I take FocusZen+ every day and it really does help. I’ve been taking it for about a year and a half now. I literally can’t not have it, really. ‘I recommend it to everyone if they want to feel a bit more ‘zen’.’ *Melissa officinali­s (Lemon Balm) helps maintain… cognitive functionin­g / contribute­s to optimal relaxation / helps maintain a healthy sleep [on-hold claim ID: 2085] **Pantotheni­c acid (Vitamin B5) contribute­s to normal performanc­e and contribute­s to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

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