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Beat joint discomfort this winter with Turmeric+ Gold

As autumn becomes winter, many of us will feel the change of season in our bones and joints.


The NHS reports around 10 million people in the UK have a condition that affects their joints, most commonly in the knees, hands, wrists, shoulders, feet and back.

From genes to diet to lifestyle and even the weather, the influences on our musculoske­letal health are as complex and interconne­cted as our bones, muscles and joints – but nutrition is always essential.

A diet rich in fruits, dark leafy vegetables and oily fish brings helpful anti-oxidant and antiinflam­matory benefits. A growing number of people are also turning to turmeric-based products and nutritiona­l supplement­s for extra support.

Turmeric has been prized for its health benefits in traditiona­l Indian Ayurvedic therapies for millennia. Now, with its secrets revealed by modern science, the spice has become one of the UK’s most sought-after supplement­s.

But the science also reveals that not all turmeric supplement­s are created equal.

Many focus on one key active ingredient called curcumin – but miss out on a treasure trove of natural compounds present in turmeric root known as curcuminoi­ds, (of which curcumin is just one) – and some of them are even more powerful.

Curcumin is also very difficult for our bodies to absorb, and unless it’s made ‘bioavailab­le’, it can pass through the gut unused, even if we take lots of it.

To overcome these challenges, scientists in Cambridge developed a unique supplement called Turmeric+, featuring the world’s most scientific­ally researched bioavailab­le curcumin formulatio­n, and users are saying that restoring their joint health can be life-changing.

One of them is 57-year-old Richard Hamilton, a broadcast journalist for the BBC World Service since 1998, working as a correspond­ent in Morocco, South Africa and Madagascar.

Regular exercise and enjoying the outdoors has always been important to Richard, but persistent discomfort in his foot became a major obstacle.

‘I was unable to do the things I enjoyed, like cycling to work, going to the gym and running,’ recalls Richard. ‘In truth, I found it a little depressing and I felt quite down in the dumps. I had to give up running altogether.’

‘I found out about Turmeric+ and I liked the science behind it. I didn’t know whether it would help but I thought I’d give it a try.’

‘After about a month, I tried running again and it felt just like it used to. It’s fantastic. I take one a day and I’m enjoying running and cycling again.

‘I’m so pleased and would recommend it to anyone.’

Turmeric+ was developed by FutureYou Cambridge, a British developer of innovative supplement­s backed by extensive scientific research.

While developing Turmeric+, they needed to overcome the key challenge with turmeric: making the curcuminoi­ds much easier for our bodies to absorb. They wanted an alternativ­e, better solution to the black pepper formulatio­ns so often used, one that would be rich in the full bouquet of curcuminoi­ds.

So the nutritiona­l experts at FutureYou Cambridge used a patented Curcuma Phospholip­id Complex formulatio­n called Meriva® that makes curcumin 30 times more absorbable than standard turmeric powder. ‘Our advanced formulatio­n works by using plant-based lecithin to mimic the way the body naturally absorbs curcuminoi­ds after eating turmeric cooked with fat,’ explains Dr Miriam Ferrer, PhD, from FutureYou Cambridge. ‘But it delivers far more than you’d normally get from a meal – the equivalent of 150g of raw turmeric in a single tablet.’

It’s become the most scientific­ally researched bioavailab­le curcumin formulatio­n in the world, featured in 45 human studies involving over 2,000 people, each confirming its effectiven­ess. It’s also been recognised and certified by Informed-Sport for use by athletes.

FutureYou Cambridge has now launched an even more advanced version of the supplement – Turmeric+ Gold – enhanced with vitamins C and D (100% of our daily NRV), all in an allergen-free, easy-to-swallow vegan capsule.

‘I take one a day and I’m enjoying running and cycling again.’

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