‘Re­place this an­ti­quated sys­tem of traf­fic lights’

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A PITIFUL sight to be­hold in this the 21st cen­tury – cars and lor­ries bumper to bumper through our coun­try’s main streets.

Why you might ask? Well it’s all down to the colour of three lights. red, am­ber and green – with stop be­ing the most pol­lut­ing colour of the three.

The filth that a red traf­fic light cre­ates is stag­ger­ing in terms of pol­lu­tion to peo­ple that have to walk near or past this an­ti­quated sys­tem of traf­fic con­trol and where bet­ter is there a freak­ish ex­am­ple at this mo­ment in time, than Leek of course.

Grid­locked nearly seven days a week in the cen­tre where peo­ple tend to con­gre­gate.

A sim­ple so­lu­tion to solv­ing this bad habit of life­time would be in my opin­ion the need for the town cen­tres to have new speed zones to al­low broader ze­bra cross­ing to work more ef­fi­ciently.

Also more ur­gently-needed islands with a greater em­pha­sis when ap­proach­ing an is­land to keep a sen­si­ble dis­tance from the ve­hi­cle in front to al­low a steady flow of traf­fic with­out the need of filthy traf­fic lights.

So the de­fin­i­tive facts would be speed zone 10mph a dis­tance be­tween ve­hi­cle 30-35 me­tres to al­low bet­ter air cir­cu­la­tion.

Job done, cost min­i­mal. Frank Brad­bury Leek

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