‘We need par­ties to work to­gether for a safer Brexit’

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I DE­SPAIR with pol­i­tics es­pe­cially after read­ing the lat­est let­ter from Coun­cil­lor Joe Porter.

He says that Mrs May “man­aged to bring the Con­ser­va­tive party and coun­try to­gether”, and then he crit­i­cises her ne­go­ti­ated deal as it is not rad­i­cal enough for him.

Where has he been? The coun­try, the Con­ser­va­tive party and par­lia­ment are ab­so­lutely di­vided. Par­lia­ment is in chaos and politi­cians are los­ing the trust of the elec­torate with the pos­tur­ing and ar­gu­ments by the hard­lin­ers on all sides. There has been a vote of no con­fi­dence in the prime min­is­ter by her own party.

He states that 17.4 mil­lion peo­ple voted to leave the EU but he does not men­tion that 16.1 mil­lion voted to re­main.

Of those who voted that rep­re­sents 52 per cent to leave and 48 per cent to re­main. To me, and I am sure to many oth­ers, that is mar­ginal es­pe­cially as 13 mil­lion peo­ple el­i­gi­ble to vote chose not to do so! There is no clear ma­jor­ity.

Ev­ery­one who voted in the ref­er­en­dum over two years ago did so based on the in­for­ma­tion avail­able at the time. Things have changed and we are now be­gin­ning to re­alise the prac­ti­cal re­al­ity of Brexit and what the cost will be. So we are now faced with a na­tional cri­sis and no agree­ment in par­lia­ment or in the coun­try what­so­ever.

It has been said many times that it would go against democ­racy to have an­other vote!

How can that be true? The ba­sis of democ­racy is that votes are cast based on in­for­ma­tion and prom­ises given by the par­ties who seek to be elected or to win a vote. If those prom­ises are not kept or if cir­cum­stances change then the elec­torate can change their minds the next time they are al­lowed to vote.

I would per­son­ally back a peo­ple’s vote or gen­eral elec­tion but I am very un­com­fort­able with what the out­come of ei­ther may be as I sus­pect that the elec­torate would be, yet again, fed with a lot of half-truths and out­right lies. I have no trust in hard line politi­cians.

So I be­lieve that the time has come for mod­er­ates on all sides to come to­gether and work for the com­mon good. This coun­try de­serves bet­ter than we are get­ting at the mo­ment. I doubt that I am the only per­son who thinks this.

I still be­lieve that we should re­main in the EU but I have come to the con­clu­sion that we im­me­di­ately need a par­lia­ment which will work to­gether, putting aside party pol­i­tics to min­imise the ef­fect of the catas­tro­phe that is Brexit.

To do this would in­volve good will on all sides.

Un­for­tu­nately I see lit­tle ev­i­dence of this good­will be­ing shown by our elected rep­re­sen­ta­tives.

We will all lose fi­nan­cially come what may if we leave but surely it is not un­rea­son­able to ask politi­cians on all sides to work to­gether for the com­mon good rather than bicker and pro­mote rad­i­cal poli­cies that they may well be­lieve to be valid but which leave be­hind the mod­er­ate ma­jor­ity of this coun­try, es­pe­cially those who are al­ready the worse off. John Belfield Leek

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