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MP accuses Government over city’s spike in Covid-19 cases


THE Government has lifted lockdown too early, claims Leicester East MP Claudia Webbe.

Responding to a spike in coronaviru­s cases in the city, as reported in the Leicester Mercury on Saturday, the Labour MP accused the Government of failing to adequately protect communitie­s “at every step in this crisis – from lockdown delay, equipment shortages, care home neglect, testing lies and much more”.

“That is why the UK has the worst coronaviru­s death rate per capita of any country in the world,” she said.

Ms Webbe pledeged to monitor the track and trace system “to ensure that it operates effectivel­y and transparen­tly”, adding: “I have been concerned with the delays, detail and quality of data, and inefficien­t involvemen­t of private companies in the Government’s national testing plans.”

She said: “This Government has lifted lockdown measures prematurel­y when compared to public health indicators in other countries.

“It is alarming that news of a spike in Leicester arrived on the same day the national Covid-19 threat level had been lowered.

“We know that existing racial and class inequaliti­es, coupled with inadequate government support, mean that working-class people, migrants and African, Asian and minority ethnic communitie­s are at greater risk of and exposure to Covid-19. As Leicester East is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse places in the UK, we disproport­ionately suffer from these discrepanc­ies.

“Forty-two per cent of our children live in poverty.

“Our average weekly income is £130 less than the entire East Midlands and £160 less than the UK average.

“This is the context in which the coronaviru­s crisis is operating.

“The virus itself may not discrimina­te, but our economic and social system certainly does.

“I strongly encourage everyone to keep taking the safety precaution­s that they have been, including washing our hands regularly throughout the day, wearing a face mask in public, keeping two metres away from anyone we don’t live with and minimising contact with others.

“I have been meeting with the Government about the situation and spike in infections

“I will keep fighting for the safety and wellbeing of everyone in Leicester East.

“I am working tirelessly to lobby the government, public health officials and local stakeholde­rs to ensure that Leicester receives the best possible protection from this virus.”

 ??  ?? ‘DELAYS’: Claudia Webbe MP
‘DELAYS’: Claudia Webbe MP

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