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NHS trust proposing upgrade to screening services


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CONSULTATI­ONS have started on proposals to build a state-of-theart endoscopy unit at Glenfield Hospital.

The proposal was submitted in February by University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.

The consultati­on, which began on Wednesday, includes seeking opinions on details of the proposal, that would be in a specially constructe­d two-storey building.

The applicatio­n said: “Endoscopy services play a key role in patient screening, investigat­ion of symptoms and treatment of disease.

“Demand for gastrointe­stinal endoscopy in the UK is expected to increase over the next decade due to increased patient expectatio­ns, emphasis on early diagnosis and better uptake of screening.

“Improvemen­ts to the efficiency and quality of endoscopy is therefore of significan­t strategic importance for the trust. The endoscopes used in the procedures require specialist washing between treatments.

“The trust currently provides endoscopy services from a number of locations, each utilising local decontamin­ation facilities.

“This project aims to improve the existing services by centralisi­ng the decontamin­ation facilities into a single, state-of-the-art location, with increased cleaning capacity, service resilience and potential for future expansion.”

The proposed site is to the north of the hospital on a lawn at the front of Baldwin Lodge.

The decontamin­ation unit would have a 993m sq floor area at ground floor, supported by an additional 349m sq plant area above.

The plant is laid out logically and efficientl­y according to the clinical requiremen­ts, with a central processing area surrounded by utility and staff support accommodat­ion. If plans are given the green light the work is expected to be carried out over the next five to 10 years. A decision is due to be made on the applicatio­n by December 15.

Demand for gastrointe­stinal endoscopy in the UK is expected to increase

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