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Vulnerable should be clued up on protection­s


ONE had a blood plasma test to see if one had encountere­d Covid-19.

Presumably one did, we tested positive for antibodies, thus likely detecting the previous presence of the flu strain in my body at some point this year, hence, otherwise there would have been no antibodies...

It is said flu works at an optimum of 6C/43F with low humidity, thus it is judged at its most virilent/dangerous to human health. I imagine Covid-19 is no different in this regard.

My parents’ front room suffers with damp, is north facing. When there is no heat it has low humidity and often encounters temperatur­es of 6C/43F.

My nose often ran at this temp. This indicated virus detection of some sort.

Later in the spring, another form of test was carried out. The lab could not determine if a trace was in my body. Later in the summer, another test was done. Again inconclusi­ve. Last week another test. Negative. I am given the all-clear. In theory, I could have appealled to my GP to be part of the shielding programme.

I had chicken pox twice and other childhood ailments like some do. My nose often runs. But as part of an ad lib experiment, taking into account advice from health profession­als that were not the government, alternativ­e actions were done: vitamin D acquisitio­n with food and summer UVA sunlight, ventilated heated rooms and nutritiona­l flu deterrent food and drink.

Honey. Chicken, ironically for its anti-histamine properties. Tuna for vitamin D. Fruit and Veg. Vitamin C and Zinc. Plenty of fluids. Grapefruit juice etc, dried fruit and nuts with hydrating soups.

I feel those most at risk of mortality should be clued up and protected about our current woes in respect of Covid-19. Pressure on intensive livestock rearing of chicken has played a part in this as have other factors.

For example, a starving bat biting a chicken probably due to the fact it escaped and was hungry and had little else to eat is due no doubt to the world’s diminishin­g food chains. Hence the DNA strain of Covid. We can talk about flu jabs and vaccines but no government to date has cured universall­y influenza - previous covids, call them what you will – as history has shown.

You can remedy but not entirely cure the syndrome from occuring in the first place, I am afraid to say.

Poverty is part of the issue. Standards of living.

Underfundi­ng of care homes and the NHS and its staff.

Not just here but abroad, too.

Decreasing life expectancy in recent times doesnt help.

Mortality has a reason. Cause and effect. What the government arguably overlooked was not just immunologi­cal thinking, it was common sense. They didn’t even adequately protect the NHS front line workers.

It remains to be seen if infection rates reflect mortality but taking into account alternativ­e lifestyle changes that may reduce risk factors and the chances of ill health from occuring, I am sorry to say environmen­ts do play a key part, which is also the long-held views of others in respect of epidemiolo­gy.

Self-isolating is simply not enough. Communitie­s should be allowed to help communitie­s – many vulnerable people once again could face harm. It all depends how immune we are.

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