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Latest shambles in line of Tory lame ducks


THE Thatcher Conservati­ve government would not bail out companies which were struggling.

For example, British Leyland. And from what I can remember the quality of their vehicles was pretty poor so it was understand­able.

Now let’s look at present day lame ducks such as Test Track and Trace. Far from “world-beating”, it is an absolute shambles, totally disorganis­ed and it thinks it’s doing well if it returns results after 72 hours. Who’s in control of this lumbering sloth?

Serco is. This well-known company was in charge of security for the 2012 Olympics. It was so useless that the Army had to be brought in to save the day and only then could the Games go ahead.

This didn’t put off the Johnson government and they paid Serco £10 billion.

Surely they wouldn’t make a mess of it this time. They would have learned from their earlier mistakes.

Not a bit of it. In addition, the Johnson government has paid £3,000,000,000 (this is not a typo) for PPE of which only £500,000,000 has been accounted for and that includes £135,000,000 spent on PPE which was totally unsuitable.

We are not going to sign a deal with the EU because of state aid, governance and fishing.

Well, fishing is only 0.1 per cent of GDP but we’re going to sacrifice manufactur­ing and financial services which make up to 40 per cent GDP.

The less state aid we give the better if Serco is anything to go by. Governance is not a problem because we break internatio­nal law if it doesn’t suit Johnson and Cummings. This is a case of cutting off our nose to spite our face. Heaven help us!

David Goodger, Leicester

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