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BEN’S Kitchen, based at Forest Hill Golf Club, has donated £1 from every Sunday dinner sold to the charity Alex’s Wish.

Ben, of Ben’s Kitchen, said: “Sunday dinner delivered straight to your door was a hit from day one and it makes me so pleased that Alex’s Wish has benefitted from a £1 donation. So far we’ve donated £1,034.”

Emma Hallam, founder and mum of Alex after whom the charity is named, said: “We’re so grateful to Ben and Ben’s Kitchen.

“Their donation of over £1,000 is amazing. In times like these every penny let alone pound counts.”

Leicesters­hire charity Alex’s Wish supports research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

PEVERIL Homes sales executive Hazel Boaden has raised £1,300 for Cancer Research UK.

A pony hack was held in Kegworth to raise money for the breast cancer research charity on behalf of Hazel’s daughter Alice, 28, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of lockdown.

Pippa took part with her friends Farrah Cook, Victoria Tebbutt and Evie Burnside.

Alice said: “Breast cancer was something which I never expected to have to think about at the age of 28, but it’s happening, and I am fighting back.

“I’m very proud of mum and Pippa and really appreciate their hard work in arranging the charity pony hack.”

ALDI is calling on charities, community groups and food banks to sign up to receive surplus food donations from stores this Christmas Eve.

Last Christmas, the supermarke­t chain donated nearly 450,000 meals to good causes throughout the UK, and expects to increase this number for Christmas 2020.

Charities will be paired with local Aldi stores and can collect fresh and chilled food products that are near the end of their shelf life.

Luke Peech, managing director of corporate responsibi­lity at Aldi UK, said: “This is our fourth year running the initiative and we look forward to working with local charities in Leicesters­hire once again.”

Those interested in working with Aldi this Christmas should contact Aldi’s partner, Neighbourl­y, before December 7 at:

CHARITIES are being urged to apply for grants of up to £5,000 from the B&Q Foundation.

Money will be given to charities that support people experienci­ng bad housing or homelessne­ss, as well as community projects that are looking to improve their spaces.

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