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The NHS Covid-19 app is a vital part of our “new normal” and it helps you protect your loved ones quickly and easily. It’s tracking the virus, not the movements or location of its users.

Enter the first part of your postcode and it’ll tell you the coronaviru­s risk level in your area. And don’t worry about privacy – around 8,000 people share that same first part of your postcode.

Check into venues quickly using a QR scanner so you can be notified quickly and anonymousl­y if there’s an outbreak.

Keep your Bluetooth on as that’s how the app works. It’s not based on GPS, so it doesn’t “know” your location and can’t check if you’re self-isolating. But if you get an alert it helps you play your part to keep others safe by staying at home.

It’ll quickly alert you if you’ve been in close contact with someone who’s tested positive for coronaviru­s. Don’t worry: you won’t be alerted if you’ve just walked past someone in the street. Close contact means around 15 minutes at less than two metres.

You can also order a test through the app and enter your results to help keep other people safe.

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