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Support group to help men with breast cancer


- By STAFF REPORTER doug@ancan.org

MEN diagnosed with breast cancer are being invited to share their experience­s in a new, dedicated forum.

Psychologi­st Dr Kerry Quincey, from the Institute of Psychologi­cal Sciences at De Montfort University, is launching what is believed to be the UK’s first virtual meet-up (VMU) for men affected by breast cancer.

Dr Quincey said her research revealed men did not feel they were offered the same level of support as women when undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

“My findings demonstrat­e a need for improved care and resources for men with breast cancer – including communicat­ive means, and especially between peers,” she said.

“The VMU will be a designated safe space hosted by men, for men, once a month. All men with a history of breast cancer diagnosis, based in UK-convenient time zones, are welcome to join the meetings.”

Dr Quincey has been working alongside Doug Harper.

He said: “I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2012 and because it was and still is so rare in men, it’s hard to find other men talk to.

“Speaking to others who have gone through, are going through or about to go through what another individual has, is priceless.

“I had so much love and support at the time but not having contact with fellow sufferers left a gap in my support system.

“This forum can change all of that. Sharing experience­s, giving advice and sharing stories, even just chatting about anything, is something I and others have been missing.

“As we go on, I’m sure we can help to raise breast cancer awareness in men, too.”

There are approximat­ely 400 new cases of breast cancer in UK men presenting each year.

Sally Orr, of cancer charity Walk the Walk, said: “We have been working for over three years with a growing number of men diagnosed with breast cancer on a Men Get Breast Cancer Too! awareness campaign.

“The UK VMU is a huge step forward in supporting all men who have a history of the disease.

“It is wonderful to have Dr Quincey collaborat­ing with Walk the Walk as one of our Health Experts.

“She is passionate about raising awareness for male breast cancer and her profession­al advice and experience are invaluable.”

The VMU will launch tomorrow and is also supported by NHS clinicians at Glenfield Hospital Breast Care Centre.

Aonghus Ansari, a surgical registrar at Leicester’s hospitals, said: “There is a taboo that breast cancer is a disease that only affects women.

“This can have a profound psychologi­cal impact on men’s wellbeing and resilience.

“The VMU will offer men an opportunit­y to share their experience­s with breast cancer and to also listen to other men’s experience­s.

“Realising they are not alone in their experience­s can positively influence their perspectiv­e and encourage them to be more open about the effects of cancer on their lives.”

For more informatio­n and to join the conversati­on, e-mail:

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