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Vinny is assaulted


PAUL has to intervene when a fight almost breaks out between Billy and Ellis over the stolen watch.

When the watch mysterious­ly turns up Vinny suspects something isn’t right and begins to investigat­e. Heading down to the scrapyard, he confronts Paul, who reacts violently, lashing out in a rage. Vinny is left battered and bruised as Paul does a runner.

Elsewhere, things get much worse for Dan when he finds out that his benefits claim has been rejected.

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TODD is back and he decides it’s time to make his presence felt – despite Eileen warning that a lot of people won’t be pleased to see him.

Meanwhile, Wendy introduces herself to

Leanne as Oliver’s guardian. Leanne accuses her of siding with the doctors.

Elsewhere, Hugo confronts David and threatens to put the barber’s out of business.

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 ??  ?? Threat: David
Threat: David

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