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County’s worst hit areas for Covid-19 shown


LATEST figures show Loughborou­gh, Oadby and Leicester city centre are the worst-hit areas for coronaviru­s.

The NHS data shows the coronaviru­s rate – the number of infected people per 100,000 of the population – reached 1,093 at Loughborou­gh University. That was almost double the figure from a week earlier.

However, the latest figures only take into account the situation as it was on October 15, so the situation is already likely to have changed.

Data shows a total of four areas with more than 400 cases per 100,000. They are: Leicester City South, which includes the southern edge of the city centre from Eastern Boulevard to the A6 London Road. The figure for this area was 411.7, up 27 per cent on the previous week.

Oadby North and East, between Gartree Road and the A6, had a latest figure of 440, up 13 per cent in a week. Loughborou­gh Storer and Queen’s Park, an area between the shopping area and university, had the October 15 figure of 691.8 - up 50 per cent on the previous week.

Loughborou­gh University, the campus area and neighbourh­oods off Alan Moss Road, Ashby Road and north of Forest Road, had 1,093 and was up 97 per cent on the previous week.

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