Leicester Mercury

Tory focus on textile industry


THE Conservati­ve hoping to be the county’s next police and crime commission­er says he will tackle poor working practices in the city textiles trade in “his first months in office”.

Rupert Matthews said: “I want to guarantee everybody in Leicesters­hire I will do everything that I can to stamp out any form of dangerous or abusive work practices that endangers lives.

“If elected, I will use my first months in office to ensure rigorous measures are put in place to root out this problem, which has lingered around for so long.

“People need to have confidence in the police to deal with these issues as effectivel­y as they deal with burglaries and vehicle crime.”

“Alison Levitt QC’s report (commission­ed by Boohoo) has demonstrat­ed the willingnes­s of some to speak up.

“I will be on the side of those people in changing our city for the better.”

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