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Increasing­ly annoyed by Tory bias to rich


IT is obscene that private schools in the UK are bringing in their own Covid testing to keep their schools open, while state schools are forced to close whole year groups for two weeks at a time.

This is going to bring about huge inequality while children in private schools gain even more advantage over state educated kids.

My opinion is that all private schools should be closed down, thus raising the general standard of state education.

People in the UK are becoming increasing­ly annoyed at the decisions the Conservati­ve leadership are making and their obvious bias towards those with lots of money.

We need to have a plan if state school year groups are closed.

Ideally, all children in the year group should be tested and then issued a negative pass to enable them to get back to school and engaging in lessons, interactio­n and sports.

Adam Krupa, Leicester

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