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Heart care research paper year’s best


ThE work of a nurse and researcher has been named Paper of the Year by the journal Circulatio­n: heart Failure.

Dr Claire Lawson, a lecturer at the University of Leicester, was lead author on Risk Factors for heart Failure: 20-Year Population-Based Trends by Sex, Socioecono­mic Status and Ethnicity.

The researcher­s found significan­t difference­s in the onset of heart failure between groups.

For example, heart failure appears to be happening at a much younger age for those from the lowest socioecono­mic groups.

People from South Asian and black background­s experience heart failure at a younger age compared to white Europeans.

Dr Nancy Sweitzer, editor-inchief of Circulatio­n: heart Failure, said the paper was an “important look at unmet needs” and that heart failure difference­s “in women and men and other huge disparitie­s need attention”.

Dr Lawson said: “It’s an honour to have our paper selected as 2020 Paper of the Year.

“My thanks go to my co-authors for their work.

“Data modelling predicts rates of heart failure are set to keep rising with our ageing population.

“heart failure prevention programmes will need to target the groups most affected, as shown in our research, if we are to bring the disease under control.”

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