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Serious risk of failing generation of babies

- Nspcc.org.uk/support-us/campaigns/ fight-for-a-fair-start NSPCC Midlands campaigns manager

THIS week the NSPCC and a coalition of early years charities issued a stark warning about the risk of failing a generation of babies born during the pandemic.

Together, we have written and sent an open letter to Secretary of Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, to say we do not believe England’s health visiting programme is equipped to deal with the challenges created by coronaviru­s.

The Covid-19 outbreak has meant many women have given birth alone and new parents have been cut off from their support networks, which makes health visitors even more important.

Figures show that just 1 in 10 parents with children under two saw a health visitor face-to-face during the pandemic.

Over the past six months the NSPCC Helpline has received almost 2,000 contacts about parental mental health concerns.

Our letter to Matt Hancock, backed by more than 2,000 members of the public, highlights that the restructur­e of Public Health England must prioritise giving every child a fair start in life.

Now we are inviting people to join the thousands who have already raised their voice and signed the Fight for a Fair Start petition by visiting:

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