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HOSPITALS trust acting chief executive Rebecca Brown says she is confident the trust has enough stock of PPE ahead of the second wave.

She said: “I’ve recently been to see our procuremen­t team and to visit stock areas.

“Nationally, we are not in the same position we were. We are manufactur­ing our kit within the UK now and what does come from other countries, there are big piles available.

“There will always be some areas that are more challengin­g but at this stage we are not seeing any.”

She said stocks are regularly monitored so teams in charge of replenishi­ng the items can report up any issues in a timely way.

Darryn Kerr, in charge of estates and facilities for the trust, said: “We’re not escalating anything in terms of PPE at the moment. We have created greater stocks and we have created areas for storing it.

“This is an opportunit­y to refle ct on and thank the communitie­s across Leicester, Leicesters­hire and Rutland for the support they have given.

“We’ve had our guys going out trading and swapping PPE all over the place.

“We have had unbelievab­le

 ?? GETTY ?? support from the public on PPE throughout.”
GETTY support from the public on PPE throughout.”

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