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Court shown bodycam footage in arrest of George Floyd


GEORGE FLOYD’S struggle with three Minneapoli­s police officers trying to arrest him, seen on bodycam video, has been shown in court at the trial of one of the officers.

The footage included Mr Floyd’s panicky cries of “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” and “I’m claustroph­obic!” as the officers tried to push him into the back of a police SUV.

At one point, Mr Floyd bucks forward, throwing his upper body out of the car.

Officers eventually give up, and Mr Floyd thanks them – and is then taken to the ground, face down and handcuffed. Officer Derek Chauvin’s knee pins his neck, another officer’s knee his back and a third officer holds his legs, with the officers talking calmly about whether he might be on drugs.

“He wouldn’t get out of the car.

He just wasn’t following instructio­ns,” police officer Thomas Lane was recorded saying.

The bodycam video was part of a mountain of footage and witness testimony in Chauvin’s continuing trial on murder and manslaught­er charges over Mr Floyd’s death.

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