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We can all do things to help people with autism


THIS year’s World Autism Awareness Week (March 29 to April 4) feels more important than ever, as it coincides with the latest easing of lockdown restrictio­ns.

It’s an opportunit­y to think about the society we want to live in when we leave lockdown – and the small things we can all do to make it work better for autistic children, adults and their families.

At the National Autistic Society, we want everyone in Leicesters­hire to understand five key things about autism.

These are that autistic people can: Feel anxiety about changes or unexpected events;

Be under or over sensitive to sound, smells, light, taste and touch. This is called sensory sensitivit­y;

Need time to process informatio­n, like questions or instructio­ns;

Face high levels of anxiety in social situations;

Have difficulti­es communicat­ing and interactin­g with others.

Better understand­ing of autism could transform hundreds of thousands of lives across the country. Find out more and get involved at:

autism.org.uk Harry Wells (Leicester Tigers), National Autistic Society ambassador,


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