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Race horse statements backed up by evidence


I AM aware that some of my letters provoke negative responses. I therefore always research to ensure that as far as I am able, statements I make are correct (“No animal has happier life than a racehorse”, March 31).

Charles Bagshaw made a number of queries about my letter on horse racing.

My informatio­n for the letter was from a variety of newspaper articles and animal welfare organisati­ons. These are easily found on the internet.

I don’t doubt that successful racehorses are “loved”. However, it is reported their retirement options depend on their success.

They can become sires for future generation­s, have new careers, have their lives ended by euthanasia or they end up in slaughter houses.

Mr Bagshaw said that horse racing “brings so much pleasure and enjoyment to so many people”.

However, it can also bring misery and debt to many gambling addicts and their families.

Even the Racing Post (November 22, 2020) had a headline “Fighting on the frontline of gambling addiction as casualties rise during Covid”.

Finally, Mr Bagshaw made the statement “no racing means no horses” which is untrue.

Many people keep horses as pets or have businesses providing horses for leisure riding.

There are numerous jobs for horses, from those for the mounted police to therapy horses. Horses would not become redundant if racing ceased.

Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone

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