Leicester Mercury

Great chance to test selves against leaders


WELL, what a match we have at the weekend with City against league leaders Manchester City!

We’ve been going really well and are holding a place in the top four.

We have a grand coach and a fine squad of seasoned and young players.

With Brendan Rodgers to add more depth to the squad and young players getting good experience, we are well set up.

Man City are streets ahead of everyone in the league and will take some holding, but it’s a great chance for Leicester to test themselves against the leaders.

The pity is the ground will not be packed to capacity to witness the game. At least on TV you are even more able to pick up details of play and witness the abilities of so many fine players.

I recently forecast a win for Leicester against Man United but it will be harder to present a similar case against such a strong outfit.

If ever there was a challenge to thrill us all, this is it. Even a draw would be a fine result.

We’re thinking win, aren’t we folks?

Mike Ross, Wigston

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