Leicester Mercury



“BEPICOLOMB­O will allow us to get much clearer images so we can see finer details and smaller features than have been seen before,” said Dr Martindale.

“That opens up all kinds of possibilit­ies and is really driven by the new technology that was pioneered here at the University of Leicester.

“MIXS will improve our understand­ing of what Mercury’s surface is made of and how it is interactin­g with its extreme environmen­t.

“By working with the other instrument­s on BepiColomb­o we hope to better understand Mercury and, by inference, the processes that were happening when the whole solar system formed.

“The other thing is the technology, of course, will find other applicatio­ns.

“Building this important instrument is something I feel extremely lucky to have been involved in.

“We have a fabulous team of scientific and technical staff at the university who have worked so hard to deliver the MIXS.”

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